Basic Hoodie

  • 400 kr

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Artikelnummer: 989
Leverantör: jack & Jones

Detail Type : SWEAT HOOD ZIP Fabric : The double construction gives this fabric a thicker feel with a great softness as well a firmness Lining : Body fabric inside hood Closing/Fly : Zip closure Occasion/styling : Quality sweat for everyday wear Sleeve : Sleeves attached as set in FIT : Regular Fit NECK : Hoodie SLEEVE : Long Sleeves (L/S)

Quality Description

Gender: Male Manufacture: Circular Knit Manufacture Detail: Interlock  Style Type: SWEAT Fabric Name: JJ-SW-ES29 Composition: 85% Cotton, 15% Polyester Density: WPI: 30-31 CPI: 46-47 Gauge: 18 Weight: 280 Yarn Grade: 30/s Cotton Com + 75D Polyester Filament Twist Per Inch: 19.4